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Most states consider first of all that a Birth Certificate is a private document. But letís reiterate that most states consider the Birth Certificate a private document. Did you know that the process for obtaining a Certified Copy of a Birth Certificate also differs from state to state? Each state has different requirements. Also, each purpose may have a special form to fill out. What about use in a foreign country? Then a certified copy with a raised seal will be required as it can pertain to legal issues or identification. The uncertified copy canít be used for foreign issues or legal or identification purposes.

Birth Certificates that are needed for use in foreign countries also have a unique process. Whether it is for an Apostille Certification or for the longer process of Legalization it could so happen that each jurisdiction acts differently.

Certified copies of Birth Certificates are official copies issued by the State or county government. An Apostille or Certification confirms that the signature of the official is the true signature of this person. This is the main purpose of the Apostille or Certification procedure. Unfortunately in the document world things can be difficult and time consuming.

Needs and uses for certified Birth Certificate copies vary; but, the uses are somewhat similar. Letís take a look at some of the reasons why one would need this special document.

Cases related to marriage in a foreign country. Remember that if you are going to get married overseas then a Birth Certificate is a major requirement. Another area where a Birth Certificate is vital is for the adoption of a child abroad and even to receive an inheritance. Birth Certificates can be used in foreign lands for international business transactions and dual citizenship.

Often enough countries require that a certified copy of a birth certificate include Certification or an Apostille. There are a myriad of uses especially when it comes to venturing outside the United States of America.

Obviously only certified copies of Birth Certificates are accepted for legalization; this would be for countries that are not signatory lands that recognize and honor the Hague Convention of 1961. The Hague Convention developed guidelines for documentation that is in effect in countries that abide by the convention.

Vital records in some of our own states

In New York City for instance all birth certificates for Apostille must bear the Letter of Exemplification. In Virginia all records must be issued within last 6 months.

Letís focus on one of our states. Pennsylvania, the Keystone State, is one of the states in the United States of America that is situated in the Northeast and has some specific documentation processes. For instance, if you are looking to use the Birth Certificate in a foreign territory then an Apostille or Certification is paramount. Some states are even particular about the type of information that is on the certified Birth Certificate.

If assistance is needed with Birth Certificates and foreign travel contact A&M Logos International, Inc. at: (212) 233-7061 or fill out the Online Application Form.



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