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Consent Letter
For Minor Children to Travel

Minor Travel Consent Letter Application Form

Foreign officials and transportation companies are vigilant concerning documentation for children crossing international borders.
Remember, those customs officers as well as other authorities both inside and outside the United States are looking for missing children and may ask questions.
Make sure you carry the proper identification for yourself and any children traveling with you, including any documents that might be required by the authorities of the country you intend to visit and by US authorities on your return to the US with the child.
Generally, persons younger than 18 years of age could be considered children.
Proper identification includes, but is not limited to, a valid passport for the child when traveling outside United States

It is advisable to have all documents, including a consent letter, legalized for other countries (Apostille or consulate legalization) and have certified translation so that the validity of these documents will not be questioned.
We can help you to prepare, legalize and translate the documents for any country where you are traveling.
Online Application for Consent Letter For Minor Children to Travel
Application for divorce, separation or custody decree
Application for birth certificate
Application for death certificate
That a consent letter be carried to prove that the child has the permission of the absent lawful parent(s) or guardian to travel.
This consent letter could be required even if the separation or divorce documents award custody of the child to the accompanying parent, but the non-custodial parent has legal access or visiting rights to the child.
If there are two parents listed on the child's birth certificate, you should be prepared to provide documentation to border officials showing that the second parent's consent is not necessary. For example, if a parent has sole custody, provide the original (or a notarized true copy) of the Custody Order or Judgment awarding sole custody. If a parent is deceased, provide the original (or a notarized true copy) of the death certificate.
If a parent's last name is different from the child's last name, proof of the relationship may be required. It is strongly recommended that the child travel with original (or certified true copies) of marriage certificates, adoption documents, certificates of name change or any other document/certificate proving the parent/child relationship. This is recommended even if the child will be carrying a passport identifying the parent.
If a legal guardian is accompanying the child, then a copy of the court order granting guardianship might also be requested.
If only one parent's name appears on the birth certificate, and the child is travelling with the other parent, then we also recommend that a certified copy of the child's birth certificate be carried.
If you have sole custody, you may be required to produce the original (or a certified true copy) of the court order awarding you custody unless the other parent is deceased. If the other parent is deceased, you may be required to produce the original (or a certified true copy) of the death certificate.


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