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Power of Attorney

Corporate Power of Attorney Application Form

Business often times seeks opportunities in other areas away from their own soil. The chance to increase brand awareness out of the country or increase profit margins can prove to be successful for certain businesses.

With this all important act the Corporate Power of Attorney provides a company with the ability to nominate a representative, quite often a law firm, in a foreign country which will handle the initial set-up for the company in terms of registration, office space and business license and permits. If you have ever planned on business abroad or transactions overseas then you should be aware what a crucial role the Corporate Power of Attorney plays. The preparation and legalization of Corporate Power of Attorney is essential to providing a proper foundation for a fluid transition from business in the United States to work outside of the U.S. It is paramount to have the documents that are needed for this ever important procedure.

The basics of the document

If there are business opportunities to be found the Power of Attorney will be imperative. A company at some point will need to establish an agent to act on the corporations behalf. Representative is needed when transactions in a foreign country take place due to the shortage of internal corporate officer who are fully aware of rules and procedures in a foreign country and have ample time to commit to the process.

If the company plans to manage or operate a branch or representative office or even if applying for registration of products in a foreign country, the business will have to issue a Power Of Attorney in order to have its interest represented in this territory.

Other factors are that it is always part of the set of documents for a Branch or Representative Office registration or registering devices, medical products and food supplements, leasing and/or buying of office space or property, approval signatures for documents, bank accounts and more. Even when hiring a law firm in a foreign country a U.S. company will have to issue a Power Of Attorney along with the set of other authorization document.

Curiously enough this kind of text can be specific or general. But if you had to have a representative for your business would you be general about the powers given to the attorney-in-fact? Mostly, the Power Of Attorney is written to be specific so the appointee that is acting on behalf of the agency knows his or her limitations. Also, generally it is often found that the head of a representative office is permitted to be an agent and conduct business with this power or right.

Legalization or Apostille

Remember that when conducting business in another country it is always pertinent to consider whether or not the country is partial to the Hague Convention. This means that if the country honors this agreement then all that is needed is an Apostille Certificate on key documents that are used to complete some business.

If the country is not a signatory land then Consular legalization will be required. These steps are much longer but will be required if working in one of these other countries.



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