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Documents for transportation of the Deceased

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Transportation of the Deceased across international borders is always a challenge whether it is  bring home a loved one who have departed in a foreign country, or you want to take a family member to a final resting place abroad. There are many factors involved in the process.

Foreign officials, custom services and transportation companies are vigilant in regards to the transported contents across international borders.

Remember, those customs officers as well as other authorities both inside and outside the United States have to make sure that contents of the Urn or a Coffin meet all specific national rules and regulations in addition to those of the foreign jurisdiction. Furthermore, the variety of the required documents as well as the legalization process and translation requirements may vary significantly from one country to another.

We provide a range of services, related to preparation of documents for Transportation of the Deceased in any foreign countries. We will:

Retrieve all necessary documents

Obtain an Apostille (for Hague Convention countries) or Embassy Legalization (for non-Hague countries)

Translate all necessary documents into the target language

Have all necessary documents authenticated by the Consulate or Embassy of the target county

To ensure that you receive an accurate record for your request and that your request is filled with all due speed, please complete and submit our Online Application Form
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Thank you so much! Iím sure I will be in touch again with something else that will need to be apost...
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