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Certificate of Incorporation

Certificate of Incorporation Application Form

The corporation from state to state

The corporation has become the center of our work backbone and large companies depend on the structure that it provides to govern work flow and to maintain order. Registration time and fees may vary from one state to another; however, registration with proper authorities is mandatory if you would like to form a Corporation or a Limited Liability Company or Partnership. For example, corporations need to name themselves but what if they are using a moniker similar to another company? At this point the state can get involved and not approve the corporation. Some companies use this to see if a name will merit approval and if not they have to keep working on finding an approved name. Companies normally will apply for or reserve a name for their corporation.

In New York State for instance one would apply or file for an Application for Reservation of Name. This in turn can reserve the company title for sixty days. At this point a company, in New York State, files a receipt called the “Certificate of Reservation” along with applicable paperwork.

The Certificate of Incorporation

The most important need for this legal article is solely about making or forming a corporation or company. The state has the power to approve the start of this organization. It also vouches for the actual fact that this company has formed and that the company or corporation does exist.

The Certificate of Incorporation is similar to the Articles of Incorporation. In the United States of America this kind of work is considered to be a document which proves that the entity was duly formed in one of the states in the United States. Be aware that each state in the United States of America has their own proprietary mix on governing document processes. Each state is unique in this way. Basically in American government the Federal level of government is different than the state level as well as the local level. We see this system setup occurring with laws and even taxes.

An important factor to consider about this certificate is that the original Certificate will always be stored in the state archives and only the certified or plain copy will be available to the public for a set fee. The Certificate of Incorporation as well as the Articles of Incorporation/Organization are true copies of the initial filing.

When presenting the document to a foreign official, you must obtain a Certified Copy of Certificate of Incorporation and have it properly authenticated for use in the select country.


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