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March 26, 10

NEWS / Court Issues Order Barring Michigan Tax Preparer from Preparing Federal Tax Returns for Others

Tax Preparer Allegedly Inflated Deductions and False Credits for Customers

WASHINGTON Ė A U.S. District Court has issued an order permanently barring Shawn Robin Gibson, a Detroit tax preparer, from preparing federal tax returns for others, the Justice Department announced today.

Gibson operated businesses that provided tax return preparation services under the names New Detroit Tax Service and Shawn Gibson & Company. The court found that Gibson has admitted that the tax returns he prepared for customers contained falsely claimed Schedule C losses, itemized deductions and Schedule A deductions. In addition, Gibson admitted to preparing false powers of attorney to amend and file his customersí returns in order to defraud the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and obtain portions of his customersí refunds.

Gibson is currently incarcerated after pleading guilty in November 2006, to one count of conspiring to impede, obstruct and defeat the lawful functions of the IRS. In addition, in July 2008, Gibson pleaded guilty to one count of aiding and assisting in the preparation of false and fraudulent income tax returns. The court found that based on his prior criminal convictions and his continued efforts to engage in tax preparation activities while incarcerated, a permanent injunction was appropriate as there is a likelihood that he will commit future violations of the internal revenue laws.

The court also ordered Gibson to provide the government with a list of his customers and to contact all of his customers by mail within 30 days of the date he is released from prison and provide them with a copy of the Courtís injunction order.




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