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July 13, 07

NEWS / Get tougher, not weaker on illegal immigration

HORNICK, Iowa n People who think illegal immigration and amnesty are about hard-working Hispanics are very naive. First off the illegals who give birth in this country are here for automatic citizenship and our handouts. This law needs to be changed so only legal immigrants who give birth here receive these entitlements. We have enough legal people milking the system.

This issue is about failing schools trying to educate in more than one language. We have only one language, English. Learn it or get out.

People are tired of clogged freeways filled with uninsured motorists, most without a driverís license, rife overcrowded jails filled with Latino criminals, and bankrupt emergency rooms used for common ailments by the uninsured.

This is about the U.S. being invaded by foreign people who degrade our nation to a Third World status.

Iím tired of elected officials failing to protect our borders and not enforcing our current immigration laws. Letís vote them out of office. We need to be tougher, not weaker. n W.C. Rich
Source: http://www.siouxcityjournal.com/articles/2007/07/12/news_opinion/letters/e7bb716cd07fc91a862573150070a6b3.txt



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