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September 26, 23

NEWS / MN man clears erroneous criminal record caused by name similarity with twin brother

A Minnesota man has finally cleared his criminal record, which he had despite never being arrested or charged with anything. The man’s life was severely impacted by this false criminal record that appeared in the system due to the fact that his twin brother, who had been, in fact been arrested, has a very similar name.

Trayvon Andres Alexander had been struggling with numerous actions most people take for granted—such as getting decent employment or housing—all because the Minnesota criminal record system kept showing that he had been charged with “criminal sex conduct”, despite the man’s complete innocence. He was treated as a pariah, being rejected and looked down upon by multiple employers with whom he attempted to find a job.

“I’ve never done anything wrong,” Trayvon Andres Alexander was quoted by KSTP as saying, “I’ve never cheated in my life.”

The problem arose from the fact that Trayvon Andres Alexander has a twin brother with a very similar name—Travon Andrew Alexander—and the same date of birth. Travon Andrew Alexander had indeed been arrested and convicted for theft, criminal sex conduct, as well as a felony predatory offense.

The story was eventually picked up by KSTP’s 5 Investigates. Trayvon managed to procure a letter from the State of Minnesota confirming he had no criminal records, but employers kept rejected him as his name continued to appear in state background checks maintained both by the courts and by the Department of Public Safety.

Eventually, Assistant Ramsey County Attorney Jorge Saavedra decided to intervene.

“When I heard the story, I was so glad that we had an opportunity to work on his case,” Saavedra stated.

Saavedra managed to coordinate both law enforcement and courts to remove Trayvon Andres’s name from the criminal record database. The outcome was welcomed by Ramsey County Attorney John Choi, who had previously expressed concern about the “collateral consequences” of criminal convictions.

Trayvon Andres immediate saw results, as he was able to get a job at a gas station, just in time for the birth of his baby daughter.

“I’m glad that I can be able to provide for them – be the father that I always wanted to be for my children,” Trayvon stated.

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