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FAQ / How to get diploma attested for use in China?

Chinese authorities will require that your original diploma is duly attested by state government, federal government and stamped by the Chinese Embassy. To get to the final step, it is necessary to get back to the school and follow the steps below: a. Contact the Registrar's Office of the university or HS b. Request a duplicate/replacement diploma c. Request that an authorized officer of the school (i.e Registrar, Assistant Registrar, etc) makes a statement on the back of the document: "Hereby I, , being the of <name of university>, attest that this is the original diploma issued to <name of student> " <signature> <name> <title> <name of university> <address> <school seal> d. Request that the statement is duly notarized by a notary public N.B: The statement may be on a separate page with school's letterhead if they cannot put it on the back of the duplicate. Same goes for the transcript if it will be needed. If you are outside of the United States or if simply convenient you may direct the school to mail the documents directly to us for processing. <br /><br /> Keywords: <strong><a href="/tags/notary-public.shtml" title="tag: notary public">notary public</a></strong>, <strong><a href="/tags/document.shtml" title="tag: document">document</a></strong>, <strong><a href="/tags/notary.shtml" title="tag: notary">notary</a></strong>, </div> <span class="article_seperator"> </span> </div> </div> <br /><br /> </td> <!-- Begin right colomn --> <style type="text/css"> <!-- .style1 { color: #FF0000; font-weight: bold; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; } .style3 { font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-weight: bold; } .style4 { color: #FF0000; font-size: 18px; } --> </style> <td class="cols"> <div id="colum"> <div class="innerpad"> <div class="moduletable_blue"> <h3>Do you need<br>Personal documents?</h3> <strong><small>We do Retrieval, Preparation and Legalization</small>. </strong><a title="power of attorney" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Document_Power_Attorney_Personal.shtml" >Power of attorney</a> <a title="vital records" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Document_vital_records.shtml">Vital records</a> <a title="birth certificate" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Document_Birth_Certificate.shtml">Birth certificate</a> <a title="marriage certificate" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Document_Marriage_Certificate.shtml">Marriage Certificate</a> <a title="single status affidavit" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/single_status_affidavit.shtml">Single Status Affidavit</a> <a title="no record of a marriage" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/no_record_marriage.shtml">No Record of a Marriage</a> <a title="certificate of no marriage record" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/no_record_marriage.shtml">Certificate of No Marriage Record</a> <a title="divorce certificate" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/divorce_certificate.html">Divorce Certificate</a> <a title="divorce decree" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/divorce_certificate.html">Divorce Decree</a> <a title="death certificate" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Document_Death_Certificate.shtml">Death certificate</a> <a title="criminal record" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/criminal-records.shtml">Criminal Record</a> <a title="certificate of good conduct" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Document_certificate_good_conduct.shtml">Certificate of good conduct</a> <a title="criminal background check" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Document_Criminal_Record.shtml">Criminal Background Check</a> <a title="foreign driver license" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Service_Translation_Foreign_Driver_License.shtml">Foreign Driver License</a> <a title="Documents for transportation of the Deceased" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/documents_transportation_deceased.shtml">Documents for transportation of the Deceased</a> <a title="children's travel consent letter" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Document_travel_consent_letter.shtml">Children's Travel Consent Letter</a> <a title="educational documents" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Service_Evaluation_Education.shtml">Evaluation of Foreign Education Credentials for US</a> <a title="letter of invitation for usa visa" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/invitation_letter_personal.shtml">Letter of Invitation for USA Visa</a> <a title="documents for avoiding double taxation" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Document_Form_6166.shtml">Documents for Avoiding Double Taxation</a> </div> <div class="moduletable_blue"> <h3>Do you need<br>Corporate documents?</h3> <strong><small>We do Retrieval, Preparation and Legalization</small></strong> <a title="power of attorney" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Document_Power_Attorney_Corporate.shtml">Power of attorney</a> <a title="articles of incorporation" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Document_articles_incorporation.shtml">Articles of Incorporation</a> <a title="certificate of incorporation" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/certificate-of-incorporation.shtml">Certificate of Incorporation</a> <a title="certificate of goodstanding" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/certificate-of-good-standing.shtml ">Certificate of Goodstanding</a> <a title="certificate of amendment" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Document_Certificate_Amendment.shtml">Certificate of Amendment</a> <a title="certificate of incumbency" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Document_Certificate_Incumbency.shtml">Certificate of Incumbency</a> <a title="corporate resolution" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Document_Corporate_Resolution.shtml">Corporate Resolution</a> <a title="documents for avoiding double taxation" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Document_Form_6166.shtml" >Documents for Avoiding Double Taxation</a> <a title="irs form 6166" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Document_Form_6166.shtml" >IRS Form 6166</a> <a title="certificate of origin" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Document_Certificates_Origin.shtml">Certificate of Origin</a> <a title="commercial invoice" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Document_Commercial_Invoice.shtml">Commercial Invoice</a> <a title="corporate forms" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Document_Corporate_Forms.shtml">Corporate Forms</a> <a title="forming corporations in usa" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Forming_corporations_in_USA.shtml">Forming corporations in USA</a> <a title="Letter of Invitation for USA Visa" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/invitation_letter_business.shtml" >Letter of Invitation for USA Visa</a> <a title="business licenses and permits" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Document_Business_Licenses_Permits.shtml" >Business Licenses and Permits</a> </div> <div class="moduletable_blue"> <h3>What is your goal?</h3> <a title="opening representative offices" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Service_Corporate_Documents_RO.shtml" >Opening representative offices</a> <a title="opening branch offices" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Service_Corporate_Documents_branch.shtml" >Opening branch offices</a> <a title="opening companies with" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Service_Corporate_Documents_Joint_Stock_Company.shtml">Opening companies with<BR>100% foreign investment</a> <a title="buying stock in foreign companies" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Service_Corporate_Documents_Joint_Stock_Company.shtml" >Buying stock in foreign companies</a> <a title="opening joint ventures" style="display: block;" class="mainlevel" href="/Documents/Service_Corporate_Documents_Joint_Stock_Company.shtml" >Opening joint ventures</a> </div> </div> </div> <br /><br /></td> <!-- Finish right colomn --> </tr> </tbody> </table> <!-- Begin Banners --> <table border="0" width="100%"> <tbody> <tr> <!-- Banner¬† #1 --> <td class="ban1"> <div id="colum_ban"> <div class="innerpad"> <div class="moduletable_center"> <h3>Testimonials</h3> AnnaMaria Realbuto<br /><i> Thank you 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Iím sure I will be in touch again with something else that will need to be apost...</i><br /> <a href="/testimonials/rani-payne.shtml" title="Rani Payne" class="more">Read More »</a><br /> Serge Bauer Law<br /><i> Thank you again for your help with this case!...</i><br /> <a href="/testimonials/serge-bauer-law.shtml" title="Serge Bauer Law" class="more">Read More »</a><br /> </div> </div> </div> <br /><br /><br /> </td> <!-- Banner¬† #2 --> <td class="ban1"> <div id="colum_ban"> <div class="innerpad"> <div class="moduletable_center"> <h3>FAQ</h3> CAN STATES IN THE U.S. APPOINT COMMISSIONERS OF DEEDS TO PERFORM EXTRATERRITORIALLY NOTARIAL ACTS FOR USE IN THAT STATE?<br /> <a href="/faq/can-states-in-the-u-s--appoint-commissio.shtml" title="CAN STATES IN THE U.S. APPOINT COMMISSIONERS OF DEEDS TO PERFORM EXTRATERRITORIALLY NOTARIAL ACTS FOR USE IN THAT STATE?" class="more">Read More »</a><br /> You said the ID card will be electronically readable. 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Certificate Woes: DC Family's Struggle Highlights Home Birth Challenges" class="more">Read More »</a><br /> <span class="data">February 14, 24</span><BR> Coroner Charged with Theft and Fraud, Faces Removal Amidst Controversy Over Death Certificates<br /> <a href="/news/coroner-charged-with-theft-and-fraud-fa.shtml" title="Coroner Charged with Theft and Fraud, Faces Removal Amidst Controversy Over Death Certificates" class="more">Read More »</a><br /> <span class="data">February 10, 24</span><BR> Hungarian president under fire over pardon of man with child sex abuse-related criminal record<br /> <a href="/news/hungarian-president-under-fire-over-pard.shtml" title="Hungarian president under fire over pardon of man with child sex abuse-related criminal record" class="more">Read More »</a><br /> </div> </div> </div> <br /><br /><br /> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <!-- Finish Banners --> <div id="footer"> <div class="main"> <div class="bg-bot"> <div class="space"> <ul> <li><a 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