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September 19, 23

NEWS / OK mom at risk of losing health insurance over daughter’s birth certificate

An Oklahoma woman has reportedly been waiting for over 2 years for her daughter’s birth certificate. The long wait has put her at risk of losing health insurance for her daughter and she has been unable to sign her up for daycare since she does not have a social security number.

Maria Rivera-Bruce, full-time student of the University of Oklahoma, has 3 daughters. Her youngest daughter Emberlynn was born in December 2021. She made the decision to give birth at home, which, suggests, may have been one of the culprits for the extreme delays.

“It was supposed to be like this happy, beautiful story with me having a home birth,” Rivera-Bruce was quoted by Oklahoma News 4 as stating, “Just ended up being just a disaster. A complete disaster.”

Rivera-Bruce contacted the Oklahoma Department of Health’s Vital Records Division to get a birth certificate for her newborn. She duly completed all forms and submitted the paperwork, along with the payment, to the state.

After failing to receive anything back after 2-3 months, Rivera-Bruce became concerned. She needed the birth certificate to apply for her daughter’s social security number, which in turn is required by numerous agencies such as health insurance companies and daycare centers.

Rivera-Bruce has filed multiple complaints, sent e-mails, and made numerous phone calls, but has yet to receive any answers on the status of her order.

Oklahoma News 4 reports of numerous other cases involving years-long waits for birth certificates in the state. The news service reached out to the Vital Records Division and was told the status of Rivera-Bruce’s order would be checked. However, News 4 stated they have not received a response yet.

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