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Outstanding Anguilla, part of the British West Indies, is a top-grade destination in the East Caribbean. Anguilla is credited with an Amerindian influence of tribes from South America. Originating naming credit goes to French explorer Pierre Laudonnaire who visited Anguilla around 1565 but some reputable sources have argued against that stating Christopher Columbus first sighted the island in 1493. What’s more, the Dutch have even purported to have constructed a fort on the island of Anguilla around 1631. No proof has been established to support this fact.

Anguilla was first organized into colonies by English settlers from Saint Kitts circa 1650 and set about sowing and harvesting corn and tobacco fields. Harvesting these crops was unsteady and drought was common.

Anguilla was governed and ruled by the British until all the way to the early 19th century. Then it was turned into a single British dependency via incorporation along with the other areas of Nevis and Saint Kitts. After a short time as an independent region before 1970 Anguilla became a separate British dependency and now the term was coined as a British Overseas Territory around 1980.

Just recently Anguilla has become a booming tourist mecca and tourism continues to be a mainstay of island dependence and subsistence along with fishing. Recently also is the recent growth of the financial sector. Modern Anguilla now consists primarily of African descent and to a lesser extent an English/ European background.

Showing both its British and African influence, Anguilla puts on an array of festivals and celebrations. This distinct spot is an English-speaking paradise with crystal clear waters, white sand beaches and chic hotels. Visitors can travel Anguilla's sometimes perilous roads by rental car, scooter or taxi. Moreover, at the same time enjoying the beauty of this colorful land you can also to get married during sunset on the beach or you can do your business over here establishing new and luxury hotels. Some stay here for a permanent living, but with this purpose you cannot avoid some formalities and special document preparation procedures.

For your documents to be recognized as valid by the Anguillan authorities, it should be legalized via an Apostille stamp. Once you get the Apostille on you documentation, you would not need any further authentication. Translation is not required as Anguilla is a part of the United Kingdom where the English language is the official language (unless original document has been drafted in another foreign language). At the same time be advised that if your document is of a commercial nature such as a Certificate of Origin, Packing Slip, Commercial Invoice or some type of corporate document (Power of Attorney, Articles/ Certificate of Incorporation, IRS form 6166, etc.) you may still have to visit the embassy or consular office in your location or embassy that is closest to you for final authentication stamping. If you need to work with an affordable Apostille Service for Anguilla, you should fill out and submit the following online request form.

We provide authentication ( legalization) services to corporations, law firms, U.S. citizens and foreign nationals on all documents that will be used in Anguilla*.
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