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Birth Certificate confirms name of Paris Hiltonís 2nd baby [December 11, 23]

New Haven Marriage License Controversy: Employee Flagged Applications to Immigration Authorities [December 11, 23]

Death certificate lists autism, starvation, and dehydration as cause of death of man who starved to death at Australian hospital [December 7, 23]

In the Name of Love: First-ever same-sex marriage certificate issued in Nepal [December 6, 23]

Taxpayer Beats IRS in Landmark Case on foreign bank reporting for dual residents [December 5, 23]

MO woman spends 5 years trying to get her nameless grandson a name and a birth certificate [December 4, 23]

New York enacts clean slate legislation for old criminal records [November 30, 23]

Russian soldier forges death certificate to dodge Ukraine War [November 29, 23]

GA burglars steal birth certificates and social security cards during house break-in [November 27, 23]

Birth certificate reveals name of baby boy of Kourtney Kardashian and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker [November 16, 23]

WA woman accused of forging marriage certificate to claim survivor benefits [November 14, 23]

Matthew Perryís cause of death revealed in death certificate [November 8, 23]

Apostille Convention Takes Full Effect in China [November 7, 23]

Suzanne Somer's death certificate reveals actressís cause of death [November 2, 23]

South Korean police arrest woman who stalked and gave marriage certificate to BTS singer V [October 31, 23]

Rwanda accedes to Apostille Convention [October 25, 23]

Death certificate fabrications linked to malpractice by Colorado funeral home [October 24, 23]

Court: Company's Forum Selection Clause May Violate Constitutional Right to Jury Trial [October 20, 23]

UAE to implement online marriage certificate application [October 19, 23]

Australian State to start issuing cartoon-character themed commemorative birth certificate [October 17, 23]

Wyoming implements marriage and divorce record centralization [October 16, 23]

Texas County conduct to conduct last criminal record sealing program in 2023 [October 13, 23]

Portugal likely to abolish special tax non-residency privilege granted to certain foreign professionals [October 11, 23]

Virginia family struggles to get out-of-state relativeís death certificate [October 5, 23]

Australian journalist puts Methamphetamine Rules as her sonís name on birth certificate [October 3, 23]

« Page 2 from 235, Showing 26 - 50 from 5854 »


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February 23, 24
Navalnyís death certificate reportedly states natural causes
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February 19, 24
Birth Certificate Woes: DC Family's Struggle Highlights Home Birth Challenges
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February 14, 24
Coroner Charged with Theft and Fraud, Faces Removal Amidst Controversy Over Death Certificates
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February 10, 24
Hungarian president under fire over pardon of man with child sex abuse-related criminal record
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