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March 25, 13

NEWS / Inmate indicted for stabbing banker who faked his own death certificate

A Sheridan Federal Correctional Institution prisoner has been indicted for stabbing fellow inmate Randy Mainwaring, a banker who had faked his own death certificate and stolen financial and personal information from hundreds of his clients. The exact motive behind the stabbing remains unclear and Mainwaring is expected to complete his prison sentence in May.

Thomas Cornelius was indicted on charges related to the stabbing incident last summer on Thursday. Assistant US Attorney Frank Papagni, who is prosecuting Cornelius, said he couldn’t say exactly what led to the stabbing, but noted that it was obvious that Cornelius and Mainwaring “were not getting along so well”, The Registrar-Guard of Eugene, a daily serving the area of Eugene, Oregon, reports.

This is the latest twist in the bizarre legal saga of Mainwaring, who in 2007 pleaded guilty to bank fraud and identity theft charges as part of a plea deal that saw the prosecution dismiss ten other charges.

Mainwaring’s legal troubles began in 2006, when he was living in Florida. His ex-wife accused him of trying to burn down her house and said he attempted to plant drugs in her car in an effort to discredit her as a parent. Mainwaring’s arson conviction was overturned on the grounds that he did not receive a speedy trial.

Mainwaring then moved to his native Oregon, where he was hired by KeyBank as a branch manager in Springfield.

Months later, KeyBank filed a civil lawsuit against Mainwaring, accusing him of stealing sensitive financial information from hundreds of clients and using some of that information to obtain or falsify the birth certificate of one client, fake his own death and then assume the identity of the customer.

In July 2007, Mainwaring called the Registrar-Guard pretending to be his own brother and stated that Randy Mainwaring had committed suicide in London. He also filed a fake death certificate to back his claim, and the newspaper published Randy Mainwaring’s bogus obituary.

Mainwaring was tracked down by the FBI a month later, and agreed to plead guilty to bank fraud and identity theft charges in exchange for the dismissal of then more charges by the prosecution. Mainwaring repeatedly explained his bizarre fraud scheme by stating that he suffers from bipolar disorder.

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