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Apostille FAQ / I am US Citizen born abroad, can I get a Birth Certificate?

Apostille FAQ / Which documents are needed for marriage abroad?

Documents Legalization ABC / Vital records

Documents Legalization ABC / Letter of Exemplification

Documents Legalization ABC / Birth certificate

Apostille News / Indian politician disqualified from office for seven years for faking birth certificate to appear ol

Apostille News / 50 Individuals Charged in Puerto Rico with Allegedly Trafficking Identities of Puerto Rican US Citiz

Apostille News / Dulles CBP Arrests Alleged Bolivian Impostor with Puerto Rico Birth Certificate

Apostille News / Raids At Meat Packing Plants Uncover ID Theft Scam

Apostille News / Mixed-Marriage Children Receive Citizenship

Apostille News / New passport regulations going into effect

Apostille News / Israeli port workers tamper with birth certificates to retire later

Apostille News / CBP Stops Identity Thief after 23 Years of Posing as Another Person

Apostille News / Man given to wrong parents at birth files suit


Apostille News / Bill allowing DMV to issue vital records moves forward in Virginia legislature

Apostille News / Brownsville CBP Officers Intercept Over 20 People for Alleged Immigration Law Violations

Apostille News / CBP Officers Intercept Alleged Impostor and Woman Who Claiming to be U.S. Citizen

Apostille News / Legislation to increase vital records fees is defeated in committee

Apostille News / New Jersey approves same sex birth certificate

Apostille News / Inmate indicted for stabbing banker who faked his own death certificate

Apostille News / Ann Pettway Pleads Guilty in Manhattan Federal Court to the 1987 Kidnapping of an Infant from Harlem

Apostille News / Oklahoma mom loses health insurance over months-long birth certificate wait

Apostille News / CBP Officers in Texas Intercept Woman for Alleged Violations of Immigration Law

Apostille News / Police: Mt. Laurel woman tried to use forged document

Apostille News / New York is Ready to Change Its Adoption Laws

Apostille News / Travelers should prepare for passport requirement change

Apostille News / Pakistani city denies birth certificates for unvaccinated children

Apostille News / Woman Tortured as Slave, Victim of Sex Trafficking and Forced Labor

Apostille News / Mexican Drug Trafficker Convicted of Aggravated Identity Theft

Apostille News / Few holdups on first day of passport requirement

Apostille News / Transgender woman files lawsuit against Irish govt. for birth certificate delay

Apostille News / CBP Officers at the Hidalgo International Bridge Foil Child Smuggling Attempt; Male Arrested

Apostille News / Brownsville CBP Officers Intercept Five for Alleged Violations of Immigration Law

Apostille News / Adoptees should have unfettered access to birth certificates

Apostille News / Alleged Russian agent was spying on Canada for more than a decade: court documents

Apostille News / Vital information from 2,000 California birth certificates 'compromised' state health office

Apostille News / Leader of Azerbaijani Society in Russian Belgorod Region Considers that Key Problem of Russian Azerb

Apostille News / Computer glitch causes mix-up in Pennsylvanian birth certificates

Apostille News / Kyrgyzstan: UN says 75,000 still displaced one month after clashes

Apostille News / New law is causing problems for legal U.S. residents trying to obtain Medicaid, study shows

Apostille News / Over one fourth of Dominican poor lack an I.D.

Apostille News / After nearly 70 years, siblings meet for the first time

Apostille News / Donald Trump to sue Bill Maher for disproving orangutan descent with birth certificate

Apostille News / Timor-Leste: UNDP helps single mothers send children to school

Apostille News / CBP Advises Travelers to Prepare For the Busy Holiday Weekend

Apostille News / Homeland Security Chief: No passport required for teen travellers



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May 16, 24
Bureaucratic snafu with birth certificate strands young US couple with newborn baby in Brazil
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May 13, 24
Apostille Convention to Take Effect in Rwanda in June
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May 6, 24
Federal Appeals Court Debates Tennesseeís Birth Certificate Policy Amid Transgender Rights Battle
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OJ Simpson died from prostate canceródeath certificate
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