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This special country is officially called the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria. Its capital city is Algiers and is situated in the Maghreb region near the northwest of Africa. An amazing fact about Algeria is that in terms of area it is the largest country in the African continent; what’s more, it is the biggest in the Maghreb region. Algeria impressively is the largest country to have a border that touches the Mediterranean. Also this country is bordered in the northeast by Tunisia, to the east is Libya; toward the west by Morocco and this country is bordered by a few places in the southwest like the Western Sahara, Mali and Mauritania. Down to the southeast lays Niger. In terms of population, and as of 2012, there are over 37 million people living here.

Algeria is one of the most enchanting countries in North Africa where a rich, historic culture is still alive. Algeria contains a striking mix of traditions and modernism with a time-honored society. Golden sand dunes invite everyone and await the adventurous; but before one sets out on a journey to this beautiful country one caveat is that it is recommended to make sure that all necessary documents are in correct order. If your paperwork and documents are not in order then that long awaited trip could be delayed. No matter what the purpose of travel in Algeria, there are some strict rules which everyone should abide by. If you are planning on tourism, a family visit or even a business trip, special procedures await.

Be advised that Algerian authorities do not accept Apostille certification and require a special procedure of embassy legalization. The reason behind this is that Algeria, unfortunately for the document preparing individual, does not participate in The Hague Convention of October 5, 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents; therefore, a time consuming process of legalization awaits.

This type of paperwork procedure applies only for those who will need to submit such personal or corporate documents such as birth, marriage, death, divorce, no record of marriage certificates or power of attorney and articles / certificates of incorporation; also, the 6166 Form to avoid a double taxation will require legalization.

A difficult task – already staying in Algeria

If you are already staying in Algeria yet still need your American documents to be attested to by the embassy, there is no way to complete these procedures while overseas in Algeria; rather, you will have to send all pertaining documents back to the United States of America or find a proper agency that could assist you with your needs.

A&M Logos International, Inc. will gladly help you with embassy legalization procedures. All original documents will be returned to its owner immediately after the transactions have been completed and your paperwork will be certified by the embassy.

Please be aware that the embassy reserves the right to request additional documentation from any applicant.

We provide authentication ( legalization) services to corporations, law firms, U.S. citizens and foreign nationals on all documents that will be used in Algeria.
obtain foreign certification (State, Federal and Embassy levels).
Embassy (Consulate) legalization.
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A&M Logos International, Inc specializes in Express Legalization service - authentication of public official signatures on documents to be used outside the United States of America . We can authenticate the documents issued in any State of USA




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