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What kind of information does an organization need to provide to the CIS in order to obtain authorization to issue the certificates?

What kind of visa do I need to visit the U.S.?

What must a student do after being granted the 17-month STEM extension?

What objectives and/or philosophies underlie the various United States insolvency laws?

What penalties does an employer face for I-9 violations?

What percentage interest in Partnership A’s profit, loss or capital is to be reported on Form 1065 Schedule B question 3a and 3b, under the following facts?

What percentage interests in partnership X are individual partners A and B and entities W, Y, Z, and T considered to own for purposes of answering questions 3a and 3b of Form 1065, Schedule B for tax

What portraits are shown on our circulating coins?

What research exists on the cost and availability of health insurance?

What Tax Records to Keep

What to consider when purchasing an existing business?

What to Do if You Have Been Denied a Job, Fired or Denied a Promotion Because of Your Criminal Record

What were the prior cap-gap regulations for F-1 students?

When does it take effect?

When does the Hague Adoption Convention go into Effect?

When does the Local Boater option go into effect?

When must a student apply for an OPT extension?

Where are the biggest growth areas for outsourcing and why?

Where can I find advice on mortgage issues?

Where can i find more information about International Financial Scams?

Where can I get assistance with writing my business plan?

Where can I get business counseling?

Where will Intercountry Adoptions Forms be Filed?

Which corporations are required to file returns electronically?

Which English Language Testing Organizations Are Approved for Purposes of Health Care Worker Certification?

« Page 13 from 14, Showing 301 - 325 from 344 »


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What is a notarial certificate?
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Q. What is a Notice of Suit?
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For purposes of the requirement in the Form 1065 Schedule K-1, Item J, instruction at page 24, first paragraph, last sentence referring to "multiple changes in the profit and loss sharing percentage
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I just moved, do I have to re-register for voting?
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November 30, 23
New York enacts clean slate legislation for old criminal records
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November 29, 23
Russian soldier forges death certificate to dodge Ukraine War
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GA burglars steal birth certificates and social security cards during house break-in
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Birth certificate reveals name of baby boy of Kourtney Kardashian and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker
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